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My Experience with Microblading

Known by a variety of names micro blading has quickly become a huge phenomenon for us women who have eyebrows that are too light, over plucked, uneven, and balding. It is a form of permanent makeup using fine a cosmetic tattoo ink and tiny needles, that if done right looks like tiny feather stroke hairs. It uses tiny incisions to help deposit the ink onto the skin and can last anywhere from 9-12 months if taken care of properly in the beginning. The individual needle strokes are virtually painless and the process takes around an hour give or take.

Personally I researched micro blading for several months before actually going through with it. I mean come on, tattooing ones face is not something to be taken lightly. Right? Looking back at old photographs realizing how light blonde/brown my eyebrows were and all the over plucking that happened in high school, I was desperate to not have to fill in my brows just to leave the house in the am. So looking into several locations throughout Louisiana I decided to go with Beso Makeup Microblading. She had been certified for some time and had so many clients before and after pictures to show so I could get a real idea of her work. The owner and only micro blading professional at Beso at the time and I went back and forth with several emails before I decided to book my consultation appointment. I also had no idea about pricing so we discussed this as well. My micro blading cost was $350. Michelle made me super comfortable when she realized how nervous I was about the process and the potential outcomes. We sorted through ink colors till we found a shade the was right for my skin tone and hair color. She measured my whole face with a special tool to construct what my brows would look like post procedure. It took some time and effort at the consultation but it was worth it when I looked in the mirror and had temporary beautifully sculpted, natural looking brows on my face that had long since seen them. I booked my appointment and couldn’t wait to get back to the salon to get the brow party started!

Day of I went in with a clean fresh face. To my surprise the process hurt a little more than I was expecting but that is ONLY because I was on a new skin regimen to lighten which made my face a little more sensitive. My eyes cried a lot and I went through several sneezing fits that would put the whole process on hold for a minute or more. It was pretty funny looking back, and Michelle mentioned this was normal. Something about the nerve endings in your face. So 1 hour later I was all finished and looking like a clown! Michelle gave me some ointment to put on my brows and a specific cleansing routine that would last about a week. Now I did just say clown, so let me explain. Right out of the gate my brows were much darker than I expected. I assumed she had used the wrong color. Literally all my nightmares came to life. Until she explained the lightening process. She had explained this at the consultation but I must have forgotten everything she said when I saw dark oily looking brows on my face right after I finished my 20th sneeze and had eyes full of tears. Now I laugh at myself when I think of how dramatic I was. Again, however, tattooing your face is nothing to take lightly. Also keep in mind, I had no makeup on, and I was lightening my face (so I looked like a ghost with two caterpillars above my eyes). For the next two weeks I put makeup on with my fingers (as per recommended) and it wasn’t so bad, my brows just looked pretty oily because of the ointment. That was kind of strange to explain, which several people asked me about. Rude.

So 1 week passed my brows lightened up and by week 2 they were the perfection I remember from my consultation. I had not felt so confident going “makeup less” in so long that after my first month I was literally only wearing blush, mascara and lip tint everywhere! It was awesome. Talk about quick and easy get ready time! At my 9 month mark, I went back for a touch up because I have a weird bald spot in one brow and wasn’t holding pigment but besides that they were still perfect. Im now approaching the point where I need another pigment touchup and plan to get it when Im back in the states in August. I can definitely post before and after pictures of myself if any of you ladies are interested. Or just go look at my high school pictures vs now. Clear as day how much it has changed my look having blading done. As of now I only fill my brows in a bit when I have a full face of makeup just to get a little more of a dramatic look. But my day to day routine hasn’t included brow filling since I got my brows bladed.

I highly recommend Micro Blading if you are unhappy with your current brows or if you are just tired of filling in and constantly having to try new products to get the full look you want. Find someone who is certified and has examples of their work to show you. Keeping in mind the people who get certified go through many many hours of training and are well equipped to blade as soon as they are certified. Often I see new micro blading professionals who are trying to build their business giving discounts or even free blading sessions to clients. Look into those as well. You have to feel comfortable and be ready to a bit of a change initially. Its shocking, but it wears off and the outcome is awesome more often than not. I have a friend who loved my brows so much she decided to have hers done. She was completely unhappy initially, but after 2 weeks or so the scabs had healed and the initial pigment faded and she was in love. Our stories were so similar I thought I’d just throw it in on the back end.

I’m curious to know what you all think about Micro blading or if you have had an experience with the procedure. Tell me all about it!




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