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My thoughts on denim wear. In my opinion denim has been a staple since before Adam and Eve. Its God’s fabric and the life of the party, while also being everyday “I’m not getting ready wear”. Nothing else in the world screams comfort and class like denim can. It truly is a timeless classic and with so many washes, cuts, and styles finding the right look is doable no matter what your shape and size. So here are a few pointers about denim, my favorite brands, and a few of this seasons top trends on the market.

Factually denim has been around since 1873, so anything that can withstand that long in the fashion industry is pretty impressive. Now its had its high a low moments, highs in the 1970’s with the designer jean craze of Calvin Klein ads in my opinion, and the lows of Britney and Justin in their matching denim ensembles in 2001 at the American Music Awards. Its come full circle and today denim has so much to offer compared to the first time lineup with Levi 144 years ago, I personally love it. For example the denim with denim look, distressed denim, smart sleek looking denim trousers, denim chokers, denim dresses, denim shoes, dark denim, light denim, boyfriend denim, hell just look at Kim K that girl has worn denim every way imaginable. My point is the possibilities are endless, so why not know a little bit more about how you can use God’s fabric to look good day and night no matter the occasion or the shape of your body. Are you with me ladies? Or are you with me?

So ok, finding the right pair of jeans are absolutely key. Here’s what I’ve found over time: a curvy figure will always look amazing in a flare below the knee, for a slim body fit go with a crop cut, and for the athletic look a high waisted jean will help accentuate the waist and emphasize any curves. Personally I’ve always loved how a high waisted jean felt and looked on me along with a the flare and even bell bottom styles, I was so thrilled when it was all back in style and in full swing. So now to further break it down for everyone, lets talk about the umbrella list of body shapes and whats I’ve found for each.

Pear shaped ladies you carry weight in your lower body, a mid rise balanced style will flatter your shape. Apple shaped women, you carry you weight in your midsection so choosing a pair that has a little give at the waistline in key, also having straight leg to show off assets is where its at for you.

Next, calling all my curvy ladies like I said before I love a flare at the knee on a lady who has more curve, so just be careful in choosing the right pair for you. There are plenty of name brands out there that make specific lines for the girl with curve, embrace it and choose a darker wash to create that sleek slimming effect. And ladies if you are curvy with a small waist choosing a high waisted cut will help to show off the assets you have, which isn’t that what we all want no matter what shape or size we are?

Next, this one hits close to home, my busty ladies, a wider leg fit will always help to balance out the top heaviness of your body. Choosing a lighter color wash will also help to draw the eye downward. After I got my implants I realized quickly I had to start keeping this in mind. Low-rise and boot cut is one of my go-to’s.

Petite’s you are the ones who can go for almost any cut, but its a good idea to go for the style that will help to lengthen the appearance of your legs. a long super skinny cut will help to show off your figure while a high waisted pair of trousers will have a real lengthening effect.

Hourglass figures, let’s show off your curves in the right way. Wide leg trouser jeans will really show off your waist line, not choosing a pair that is too low rise is key. We’re not trying to let all that hour hang out.

To my very tall ladies I envy you, I’d secretly give anything to add a fe inches to my height, you can rock just about any look and totally pull it off. Skinnies, trousers, wide leg, boot cut, high rise, you name it, just make sure whatever style you choose shows off your best features.

Finally, back to my shape, the athletic girl, I said previously I really like the high waisted look but I also love a flared jean or bell bottom that are fitted at the top, or a nice bootcut style can also be really flattering. These few shapes can really help balance out some of the boyish figure while enhancing any curve you may have under all that muscle. 🙂

A few of my personal favorite brands and styles of the moment are Adriano Goldschmied “The Farrah”. JBrand “The HeartBreaker”. Mother brand “Looker ankle fray”, and “The Mellow Drama”, Blank NYC “Super Skinny”, and “Cosmic High Flare”, and of course the ever classic Levi “Tilted Boot Cut”,and “Modern Bootcut”.

As far as Spring and Summer denim 2017 my top 5 picks are:

-Short denim dress with a ruffle sleeve (This is my absolute favorite denim look of the moment and is the reason I pictured this as the cover photo for this blog post.)

-Denim with patchwork

-Denim button up shirts

-Denim skirts

-Denim lace up sneakers

Tell me what some of your jean staples are and what trends you are loving for denim in 2017.




Pictured: Denim dress (, Rayban Club Master sunglasses in tortoise (, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 ( , Steve Madden Indie shoes in Natural Snake (, Yellow acrylic Jewelry with gold tassel detail and cuff ( .

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